Premier New Jersey and New York Photography and Video Studio Rental Space

New Jersey Photo Studio Rental
Little Falls, NJ Studio
Call 201 307-8869 or complete the Studio Rental Form to book your studio session.

Professional commercial 1500 square foot photography studio available for hourly, daily, or weekly rental. The studio is fully equipped with a world class strobe flash lighting system, continuous lighting, and has an amazing daylight area.

Your creativity plus the right tools equals great photography

The studio is perfect for a wide range of imagery productions. Professionals from across New Jersey and New York have utilized the studio for portraits, head shots, fashion, product, food, dance, music, custom build sets, and more.

The minimum rental time is 2 hours. Rates starting at $65/hour. Discounts available for longer term rentals.

Here’s the lighting & studio equipment included in your rental fee:

  • 2400 ws Strobe Lighting (Color Corrected and Clear strobes available)
  • Pocket Wizards for remote control of strobe lighting
  • A large selection of modifiers; softboxes, octobox, grids, barn doors, strip boxes.
  • Beauty dish, reflectors, grids, and diffusion materials.
  • V-flats, white and black foam boards, 5 in 1 reflector
  • Lowel continuous lighting system
  • Tripods, light stands, c-stands, booms
  • Auto Poles, 54, 86 and 107 wide seamless paper and backdrop support
  • Organic muslin backdrop

Other perks of your rental:

  • Free parking near studio entrance
  • Service and freight elevators available
  • Make up and dressing area
  • Rolling rack for clothing
  • Professional clothing steamer
  • Professional Rowenta Iron
  • Height adjustable, rolling desk and chairs
  • WiFi access
  • Common area
  • Restrooms

General Rules

No smoking is allowing in the building.

Ample modifiers (softboxes, grids, reflectors, etc.. are available and set up throughout the studio. If a change is needed on a modifier that is already set up, please let the assistant know.

Do not breakdown the equipment yourself.

If needed, assistance will be available for setup. Assistant will be on location throughout the session.

Lighting on booms will be setup for your shoot. Do not change lighting on the booms. If change is necessary, kindly ask for assistance.

Clean up fees are added for any use of glitter or confetti.

Additional fee for any use of glitter or confetti.

Studio Photos